1-dollar Farragut Stamp (Scott #311)

Common to most large denominations, the 1$ Farragut stamp found use on heavy letters and parcels. Uses on cover are difficult to find and solo uses are rare. This stamp was issued on June 5, 1903.

Varieties (Scott catalog number):

Common Uses:

Solo Uses:

  • 20 times UPU 5¢ foreign letter rate.
  • 50 times domestic 2¢ rate.
  • Various combinations with special services.

    Solo $1 Farragut franking once tied to a bank tag. The tag was attached to a bag carrying $50 of fractional silver (coins). The postage paid the 8¢ registry fee plus 92 times the 2¢/ounce 1st class rate for up to 2.875 pounds. $50 of silver weighed 2.76 pounds.

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