8-cents Martha Washington Stamp (Scott #306)

The 8¢ Martha Washington stamp was the first US definitive or commemorative stamp to feature a woman. One of two 2nd Bureau stamps issued in November 1902, the 8¢ stamp primarily sought use on domestic registered letters. Solo frankings are uncommon but can be found on four times the 1st class 2¢ / ounce rate and the two ounce UPU rate (after October 1, 1907, the UPU rate changed to 5¢ for the first ounce and 3¢ for each additional ounce).

Varieties (Scott catalog number):

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Solo Uses:

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Destination Liechtenstein

Unusual and distant international destinations were what initially piqued my interest in postal history.  Below is a fantastic registered cover to one of Europe’s smallest countries landlocked between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein declared its sovereignty in 1806.  This envelope was sent in 1903 from Kilbourn, Wisconsin to Vaduz, Switzerland.  Why the sender wrote Switzerland rather than Liechtenstein is unknown to me. Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and has a population of only 5450 in 2017.

1903 registered cover to Liechtenstein.

1903 registered letter to Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Five cents letter rate + eight cents registry fee.


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