Updated Website

It has been about eight years since I last updated my website. It was built using tools that are no longer available, and I wanted to modernize the look and feel. The current site is built using the WordPress tools which made for a smooth transition, EXCEPT for the international destination page. I had to relearn javascript, CSS, Google maps API, and figure out how to include it with WordPress, this took my old brain better part of a month!

The website is now more of a “blog” style where I hope to add content regularly. Each post provides a comment section as well. Click the blog tab at the top to see my latest posts.

Geoff – geoff @neddog.com


Hi Geoff, in your old website, there was a page with links to various resources for 2nd Bureau stamps and postal history. Can’t seem to find it in your updated website. Is it still around?

I added a “Resources and Links” menu at the bottom of the web pages.

Thanks for the resources; there are some new to me.

Happy Holidays!

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