4-cents Grant Stamp (Scott #303)

The 4¢ Ulysses Simpson Grant stamp primarily saw use in combination with other stamps or postal stationery. However, solo uses are not uncommon on double weight domestic letters. As with the  and  2nd Bureau stamps, imperforate and private vending coils were released but are considerably rarer. The 4¢ Grant was placed into circulation in March of 1903.

Varieties (Scott catalog number):

Common Uses:

Solo Uses:

cover to switzerland

Triple UPU rate to Switzerland

Favorite Covers:

Twice the letter rate (4¢) for up to two ounces, plus 8¢ fee for registry service on an advertising cover sent from Chicago to Mexico City. Handled in St Louis, Missouri the cover received an exchange label before entering Mexico. There are 17 St Louis exchange labels recorded in the USSS census.

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